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Most people who have been around the world of business for a while and have worked for and with such great organizations as I have had the pleasure of doing, can tackle many projects thrown their way as long as they are in the rough ballpark of skill and expertise. I am no different. However, I have those sweet spots where my experience, skill and passion collide and that is when I can help make a project sing. 

This is what I am really good at:

Taking lots of great or diverse or messy content and turning it into specific, defined and usable programs and projects. Whether that means helping sift through and develop an approach to putting your company's best ideas out into the world via your website or social media or it means designing meetings or events to bring your key constituencies together, I like to dig in, get my hands dirty and come out on the other side with an actionable and effective program.

Getting the right people into the right room at the right time and walking out with a specific project plan and action items. I have helped small businesses develop the business plan and timeline to bring a product from idea to angel investors to shelves. And I have helped big companies sift through a veritable sea of information and turn it into an actionable and exciting series of online and offline programs. 

Helping individuals or organizations translate ideas, content and brand into creative and dynamic events that bring the people who matter together. 


How can I help your organization?

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