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I don't fit into a nice and tidy little box. If that sounds interesting to you, keep reading.

I thrive in the messy areas where ideas first spark.  Along with my talented business partner, Elizabeth Chapin, we created VONK  initially as part of the StartEd Incubator at NYU in 2017 and used our knowledge and experience to create a revolutionary play-based social platform after asking ourselves the question: "Why are there no training wheels for social?".  VONK is now a FREE game for kids which provides a fun real world play break from remote learning and a way to make video playdates an interactive and playful experience. Please check it out. 

Elizabeth and I have created TwoCents Riot as a way to help others thrive in the start-up and small business space. We offer company and product naming services, side hustle and home business strategy and support and resume and career coaching. 


Prior to VONK, I co-founded IAmElemental - voted one of the 25 Best Inventions of 2014 by TIME magazine. It started, as many ideas do, over a series of conversations with my Co-Founder, Julie Kerwin. We saw a clear gap in the market for female action figures and asked another question, “Why?”

From simple questions interesting things grow. We launched IAmElemental via Kickstarter (fully funded in 2 days, doubled in another two and ending at 465% funded), then onto production in China, toy store shelves and recognition in TIME and many others like Marie Claire’s article: "9 Mind-blowing Things Invented by Women This Year". 

In January of 2015, I decided to step back from the day-to-day operations of IAmElemental. I retain a deep satisfaction in seeing an idea become fully formed and am continually amazed at how the small, but might IAmElemental Team works to change the way girls Play With Power. But my sweet spot remains at the beginning of all things - where ideas first spark.


I am always  working on a variety of creative projects and as a Strategic Advisor for organizations I am passionate about. I have been a long-time Strategic Consultant to Women Moving Millions, an organization whose mission it is to catalyze unprecedented resources for women and girls. I am a member of the Business Advisory Council of The New Victory Theater. And I am a patient volunteer at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. 

You can also find me on Big Lessons for Little People, a collaboration of many smart and safety-minded folk. Started by 3 moms who care about safety, and their kids, we decided to pull together a collection of resources, topics and information to help others on their crazy parenthood journey. One of our collaborations is a video about street safety featured on called "Eye of the Driver". If you cross streets with kids - you need to see this! 

Pre-VONK & IAmElemental, I spent time at Fast Company magazine. There I had the privilege of being part of that magazine's incredible growth story as an early team member. Reporting to the Founding Editor, Alan Webber, I helped create, build and manage our successful Live Events department.

After Fast Company, I served as a Vice President in the Office of the Chairman at Goldman Sachs. I worked on a variety of internal programs in the Partner Practices area, including organization-level project management and assisting with speechwriting. I learned when to listen and when to speak up. And I met my long-time friend and mentor, Jacki Zehner (CEO of Women Moving Millions.). 

Then, as Director of Content at Fortune Magazine, I was responsible for translating FORTUNE's print content and brand into live experiences for CEOs and thought leaders. I continue to work with FORTUNE and TIME on a variety of programs.

One of the greatest personal accomplishments in the last few years was becoming a certified G-1 Level Instructor in Krav Maga. It literally took blood, sweat and tears. The test is a 2-part, 160 hour, 20 day course. I was the first woman certified in the U.S. by Gabi Noah and the International Krav Maga organization. Bottom line: Don't try to take my cab. I am affiliated with and have taught out of Krav Maga Experts and am way fiercer than I look in this picture. Just saying….

That’s me. I specialize in blue-sky thinking, on-the-ground execution, marketing, branding, product development, content creation and choke-hold release. If you want to learn more – let’s talk!


Company and product naming.

TwoCents Riot offers a Madison Ave naming process at Main Street prices. We also provide home business and side hustle strategy and resume and career coaching. Share your two cents with us.


With VONK we have created a FREE play-based game for kids and families that offers real world play for the digital world.


At Fast Company, I had the privilege of being part of that magazine's incredible growth story as an early team member. Reporting to the Founding Editor, Alan Webber, I helped create, build and manage our successful Live Events department.


We are passionate about talking to kids about safety all the time. Safety is an every day, on the toilet, brushing your teeth, what's for dinner type of conversation. As we try it on our own kids, we are sharing here. We would love to hear from you about what works for YOUR kids.


IAmElemental is the company I co-founded with Julie Kerwin. From Kickstarter success, to manufacturing in Asia, to TIME magazine's Best Inventions of 2014. Action figures for girls. It makes so much sense.

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