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I thrive in the messy areas where ideas first spark.  As a mom, dreamer, entrepreneur, founder with a small "f", and expert in kids & safety, my specialties include "blue-sky" thinking and on-the-ground execution, marketing and branding, product development, content creation, and choke-hold release. If you're curious about business, strategy or play, let's chat. 

Please find me at work at TwoCents Riot. Share your two cents with the world. 

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Eye of the Driver

Did you know Looking Both Ways is Not Enough? Here's a great kid-created 1 minute video with the Ultimate Safety Song. Take a minute (literally not more) and watch it with your own kids and share with their friends and your loved ones. Once you hear it, we hope it will stick in your head and theirs, every time you cross the street.

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